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Khmer Workers Forum

KWF is opened to all stakeholders who have an interest in Cambodian issues and/or are providing services to Cambodian people. KWF consists of workers from government and non-government organisations who come to meet monthly to discuss issues concerning the Cambodian community. The purpose of the KWF is to provide opportunity for participants to:

  • share any identified community issues
  • develop solutions to address identified issues
  • engage productive partnerships and networking
  • advocate for better community outcomes
  • develop realistic strategies to address gaps in service delivery
  • increase knowledge and build capacity through information sharing and professional development.

    Meeting frequency: Second Friday of the month

    Time: 2:00pm - 4.30pm

    Venue: CAWC's office, 211 Humphries Rd, Bonnyrigg

    Contact person: Thin on 02 8786 2581